Saturday, February 20, 2010

Statement of intent

Detroit is a work of fiction derived from gaming experiences with friends during a period from 1997 to 1998. Many serial numbers have been filed off and many sideline arcs have been removed to pare down to what I hope will be an interesting narrative. I want to make it well known that my thanks go out to all of my friends involved at that time and I hope they will enjoy this endeavor and the "insider" parts of it that are written towards them.

Detroit focuses on actions of ostensibly organized crime in Detroit from a period beginning in 1996. Detroit was the original background and is used because of the perception of urban decay present in that city at that time. Detroit as it appears here is highly fictionalized.

Detroit presents actions of individuals who are dramatically outside the bounds of common behaviour. Violence is present. Substance abuse is common. An attitude of extreme carelessness towards the well-being of others is present to some degree in all characters. Hero is not really an applicable term at most any point. None of this is a reflection of personal slight on those individuals involved behind those characters.

Certain characters are presented suffering from mental illnesses. This is not intended to showcase them as stranger or worse than their fellow inhabitants of this unpleasant fictional place. It is built as a portion of their character and I hope to use it to add to the presentation and not to be a distraction or freakshow style presentation.

So, in conclusion, be prepared for all the residents you meet to behave badly and to carry themselves in overly dramatic, venal and harsh ways.

I hope the ride is enjoyable and maybe my prose will improve over time.

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